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Data Analytics – You Can’t Fix What You Don’t Know

Business Intelligence or the collection of data analytics was once an expensive and time-draining exercise, but today it’s hard to imagine a business surviving without some degree of it. Technology has changed so much that it has created the opposite affect, there’s now too much data, and companies struggle to pull any meaningful conclusions from it.

In the world of hotels and resorts there are so many opportunities to gather data about customers. From simple metrics such as Reservation Data and Transactional Data, to pro-active Customer Engagement Solutions such as Post Stay Surveys, On-Site Feedback, SMS Marketing and Email Marketing Automation.

With so much data collected on a daily basis, it’s a common misconception that any data analytics strategy is not only costly, but also requires large amounts of employee time to make sense of it all and deliver reports. But with the right tools this is simply not the case.

INTUITION’s core analytics platform is custom-built to create specific analytics and reports, and automatically make sense of all the data that is fed into it, providing the end user with a clear and easy to understand result that can be used to make strategic business decisions in near real time.


See below for common uses and advanced features…

Advanced Analytics / Business Intelligence

Highly Customizable & Infinitely Scaleable

The beauty of INTUITION’s Core Analytics / Business Intelligence platform is that it is custom-built for each client, meaning it can start as a simplistic as you like and then grow with you, based on your needs, at your pace, into an incredibly powerful tool that centralizes all your data, providing one true and accurate resource for your departments to share and benefit from.

In addition to our core services such as Post Stay Surveys, TripAdvisor Joint Review Collection, On-Site Feedback and more, we can also import and usually automate any other data source, from website statistics and social media posts, to transactional data and Marketing Automation results.

Users can be provided with restricted access on a per user level, or group level, so that not only do they only see what is relevant to themselves, but also restricts their access and export capabilities to any sensitive data.

Scheduled Reports offer the opportunity to have the INTUITION team build customized automated reports, including tabulated calculations, that you would otherwise regularly create manually. These reports save time and ensure accuracy and can be emailed on a daily, weekly or monthly basis to existing users or any other designated personnel.

For a deeper dive into your analytics, we provide a series of standard dashboards and can create custom dashboards to meet your specific needs. These dashboards include advanced filters based on the data provided or collected, and allow you to drill down and segment data to identify specific areas for improvement. Our system can also provide cross data-set analytics, which means relationships can be visualized between multiple data sources if they have a common field such as Email Address or CustomerID.


  • Custom-Built & Maintained By INTUITION Team

  • Highly Customizable & Infinitely Scaleable

  • Clear & Easy To Understand Charts and Tables

  • Advanced Filtering For Deeper Analytics

  • User Level Restrictions For Teams & Security

  • Scheduled Reports To Share Across Your Company

  • INTUITION Core Services Fully Integrated

  • Add Any Custom Data Source

  • Dedicated Account Manager

  • Training & Ongoing Support

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