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100% Loyalty Cash Back Program

Introducing the world’s first, and only loyalty cash back program protected by insurance.
– an INTUITION strategic partner – 

Vacation SafeGuard - INTUITION Strategic Partner

With Vacation SafeGuard, vacation clubs and resorts everywhere can offer new and existing members the opportunity to receive 100% of their money back at the end of the specified term, guaranteed, with no complex rules or clauses.

As the member continues to enjoy the benefits of membership year after year, they also get closer to receiving 100% of their original purchase price back, making them a more loyal member for longer, encouraging them to continue to upgrade inside the club, and protecting them from being enticed away by third parties.

The program itself is a structured financial product and has the protection of a consortium of A+ rated insurers protecting a pool of funds. Money paid for the program is placed into a trust where the funds grow over time based on compounded interest. This pool of funds has insurance to protect it against all perils, meaning that the member is absolutely guaranteed that the money will be there at the end of their term.

The program cost is added to the current sales price of each new sale and member upgrade. This means there is no cost to the developer, in fact there’s no set-up fees or ongoing costs either, making Vacation SafeGuard the most compelling sales tool on the market. Launched in 2017, Vacation SafeGuard is already increasing new sales and member upgrades in sales centers throughout USA, Canada, The Caribbean, Mexico, Europe and Asia.

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Vacation SafeGuard Limited is an official strategic partner of INTUITION, who also serves as Master Agent for sales and marketing of the program. The Loyalty Cash Back Program also integrates with other INTUITION services such as our Evaluate Sales Performance (ESP) Survey to provide unique insights into how to improve sales center performance.

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