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INTUITION Online Review Monitoring
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Review Monitoring Platform

Easily respond to reviews and improve your brand reputation

INTUITION’s Review Monitoring Platform is designed as a valuable tool for those in your team that are responsible for responding to reviews.

The easy to use dashboard pulls in all reviews from all major review sites such as TripAdvisor,, Orbitz, Google+, Travelocity, Yelp, Foursquare, Facebook, and more, and gives top level analysis of your online review reputation.

Using the filters provided you will be able to view results from all reviews sites or just select ones, any star rating, any property, group of properties or your whole portfolio, and for any date range.

After filtering results, reviews from all review sites can easily be read inside of the dashboard and in one click users are transported to the live review in order to respond, which not only saves time, but also brings your attention to reviews you didn’t even know existed. Workflow elements help to identify reviews that have already been responded to, and what was said.

Email Alerts can be set to delivery notifications when negative reviews are received. This can be done on a per user level, and so each user will only receive alerts for the reviews they want to be alerted to, for the property or properties that they are responsible for.

Advanced analytics are also available inside INTUITION’s core Business Intelligence platform which will show senior management overviews of resort performance and historical trends.


  • Centralize All Reviews Into One Dashboard

  • Organize Data With Filters

  • Evaluate By Property, Region or Group-Wide

  • Easy To Understand Internal Analytics

  • Advanced Analytics via INTUITION’s Core Reporting Platform

  • Workflow to Track Answered Reviews

  • Email Alerts

  • Scheduled Summary Reports

  • Analytics & Full Text For All Reviews