Text messaging is a great way to improve hotel service and communicate with guests. It’s fast and intuitive. Guests like the quick access it offers when they’re already on their cell phones so much anyway.

Ninety percent of adults now own cell phones, according to the Pew Research Center. What’s more, a remarkable 98% of text messages are read within minutes of receipt. With texting so mainstream, here are just a few of the reasons why you should use SMS to connect with your guests.

Saves time.

Texting is appealing because it’s so immediate. With no app to download, guests can start using concierge texting services as soon as they’re checked in. Not having to listen to a long recorded message on the phone saves them time. And anything that saves time without sacrificing quality of service is a win.

No one is recommending hotels do away with personal interaction in concierge services. Many guest still prefer to pick up the phone and talk to a person at the other end. But making texting available as an option is a good idea. For many guests, it’s much easier than having to keep calling or stopping by the front desk. For hoteliers, SMS can reduce call volume to an already busy reception desk.

Delivers fast service

In many properties, guests can request more blankets, room service, tickets to a show and more simply by texting and expect almost immediate feedback.

Offers more access to the concierge

Guests can use concierge texting services any time anywhere. It’s a quick, useful way to get basic information. If guests lose a street map, for example, or need to know what bus will get them back to the hotel, the ability to reach the concierge desk in real time is a huge benefit.

Provides instant onsite feedback

An incredible 97% of customers won’t approach an employee face-to-face to express concerns or provide positive feedback, according to the Customer Service Association. It’s tough to resolve an issue if you’re unaware it exists. Wouldn’t it be great if you could know when a problem arises and be able to react quickly? Your rapid response would go a long way to improving guest satisfaction.

Onsite guest surveys do just that. They provide the insights you need to resolve an issue while the guest is still staying at your hotel. Online feedback solutions are available via hotel tablets, kiosks, Web link and text message. Because guests are walking around your hotel with their cell phones always on them, text surveys are especially easy and accessible. Guests can fill out a brief survey on the elevator, at your restaurant while waiting for the bill, by the pool . . . virtually anywhere, without having to fill out paperwork or take the time to go online. Their feedback goes to the member of your staff who can fix the problem. It’s this type of fast and responsive service that reduces the chances of online criticism and often yields glowing reviews instead.

Captures timely intelligence

Of course, many guest surveys produce positive feedback. Texting makes it easy for hotels to capture information while guests are on property, and the experience is still fresh in their minds.

Provides business intelligence

Hotels can analyze the data to identify common complaints or requests to be better prepared for future guests. Real-time reporting can show a busy resort how successfully it is at navigating the day – highlighting number of complaints so far compared with previous days, weeks, months and more. With this type of solid business intelligence, you can incentivize employees based on their performance and speed in resolving issues.