Measuring Effective Strategies

Millennials are known for wanting fast, immediate processing after growing up in a time when tech is advancing at a continuously expedited pace – every aspect of their lives function with the vision that the world is available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

Keeping this in mind, selective reception of content is now more controllable than seen in historic practices of marketing and advertisements.

So how do you measure whether your strategies are effective?

With the rapid changes of programming and platforms available to deliver content, marketers, and advertisers have been forced to develop hybrid forms of audience measurement in order to understand their audience reach and impact.

Utilizing various proven theories and models can more accurately predict future revenue and give your business the confidence to spend more marketing dollars in the highest performing areas.

Knowing what the expected revenue outcome from campaign or strategy begins with INTUITION. It’s the ability to understand something immediately, without the need for conscious reasoning.


The Theories


OVERVIEW: Consumers believe in ideas because they’re delivered in a trusting manner. Organizations can support their publics and build relationships by listening to what is important in their lives. Since people are more likely to trust what they know, organizations should act on their consumers’ beliefs and generate loyal consumers who proudly recognize companies because they feel heard.

MEASUREMENT: Analyze current consumer trends in attitude towards topics by measuring the sentiment beyond the news source and directly from your customers’ social platforms.

BENEFITS: Loyalty of consumers to an organization/brand, content optimization, positive public relationships



OVERVIEW: Technology allows users to personalize the type of information they view and shape their own consumption. If consumers don’t see a reason to view content, they can use different platforms to bypass the information. Organizations can format content by increasing exposure, but the content also needs to increase consumer experience.

MEASUREMENT: Analyze consumers’ ability to understand your brand positioning by measuring click-thru and bounce rates, and adjust the was users are able to maneuver across your site so they can easily understand what is being offered and continue to navigate to the point of purchase.

BENEFITS: Organizations will persuade their audience to engage in conversations about their business, products, and initiatives. Consumers will be driven to content instead of navigating around it.



OVERVIEW: Social Media and other forms of online communication generate visibility and awareness because consumers know where to talk about and how to share what they’re interested in. Instead of listening to lectures or watching videos, engaging a consumer in personal relationships with an organization can make listeners and viewers become do-ers. If they’re interested, consumers will take the topic to social media.

MEASUREMENT: Analyze the public sentiment of their experience with a message and the outcomes of effectiveness in consumer base to determine the quality of your communication methods. You can create databases that will pinpoint exactly what they were and were not happy with through queries personalized for your individual business.

BENEFITS: Organizations will change and popularize consumer attitude to effectively advertise, market, and position products/services. This leads to advocates that are more likely to continue the conversation based on strength of the message’s authenticity and transparency.



OVERVIEW: Consumers form habits based on their motivation to use a product and the feeling of satisfaction it brings. Various initiatives are designed to motivate and satisfy consumers but you have to know if the strategies are actively fulfilling that need. Organizations can find new ways format messages in ways that encourage consumers to continue activity with the brand.

MEASUREMENT:  Analyze mentions as they emerge by measuring attitude, behavior, and awareness of a message.

BENEFITS: Organizations can use omnichannel platforms to integrate marketing message, strengthen the satisfaction of consumers, and expand their reach to provide new customers the opportunity to interact with a brand.



OVERVIEW: Content of messages can persuade an audience to connect emotionally to subjects that are relevant and related to their interests. In order to predict the actions of consumers, organizations can persuade consumers of objectives by regulating the experience so the audience will accept the organizational purpose.

MEASUREMENT: Analyze SEO trends online and keep up-to-date with your target audiences’ current interests.

BENEFITS: Organizations are able to predict an audiences’ reaction to marketing and advertising campaigns to manipulate exchange outcomes. By modernizing corporate programs to meet current social concepts, awareness of the impact will generate higher acceptance than generic advertisements.


Embracing A Surveillance Business Model

It’s time to adopt a Surveillance Business Model. With INTUITION Brand Marketing you have instant access to a personalized business intelligence platform which will analyze and search all activity on your Facebook Page, Twitter Accounts, Instagram Pages etc, and be alerted to any references of your company or resort.

By investing in Online Review and Social Media tracking, your business’ intelligence will provide a clear and precise account of customer behavior so you can accurately make decisions that will positively affect your business.

You can also use the INTUITION platform to compare your performance against your competitors, and provide you with the ability to search for common keywords and phrases inside of all of your competitors’ comments and reviews and compare positive and negative trends from your own results in order to find areas where your marketing department can better compete to produce more revenue.

You will see defined areas of success and areas for improvement across the entire customer journey and throughout your various company departments, products and services, enabling you to adapt and make intelligent changes or improvements, even in real time where necessary that steers your company and employees on a path to a perpetually improved customer experience that drives increased revenue and customer base.

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