Top 5 Tips for 5 Star Reviews.Keeping track of everything that happens in your hotel can be a daunting and often time consuming task. It isn’t until a bad review or comment is received from a disgruntled guest that you are made aware that something was wrong or found lacking within your property.

Sometimes you need a more proactive approach to ensuring that your hotel is running at its peak efficiency and that your guests will not only have a happy stay, but will also want to return again to your property year after year. Tech-Savvy resorts have found innovative ways of giving their guests a direct link to them without constantly hovering over them in order to confirm their happiness.

INTUITION Brand Marketing offers hotels, timeshare properties and resorts several tools to not only keep track of their hotel’s reputation in the ever expanding digital marketplace, but also to ensure that their hotel operations are running at peak efficiency and that their guests’ needs are always met.

Here are 5 things that you need to know about your hotel’s daily operations and how INTUITION can help you in gaining that insight:

  1. Unaddressed Complaints – As a hotel owner or manager you’ve probably heard enough complaints to figure that none could go unchecked. The vocal, and often angry, guest is actually a rare case, as studies have shown that only 1 in 26 unhappy guests actually voices their complaints. The same studies also show that 91% of guests that would have complained but didn’t simply never return to the hotel. Here is where INTUITION can help with its innovative ICheck-In tool. Guests upon arrival will fill out some basic information on the platform through a mobile tablet. Once the information is received, a welcome email is sent to the guest and within that email there will be a welcome message that gives the guests a chance to provide on-site feedback on their stay. If a guest has a complaint or finds a feature, staff or amenity lacking, they can access this link easily and mark their comment as a complaint. This comment is then emailed directly to you or your management staff so that it can be addressed quickly and while the guest is still on-site. This not only raises guest satisfaction but prevents negative reviews later on after the guest has checked out and cannot be assisted.
  1. Guest Needs or Requests – To follow up on the previous point, most complaints tend to start off as a request or a need a guest has that simply isn’t met. The ICheck-In tool is also designed to give guests a direct line to the hotel management staff in order to place any requests or even offer up any comments on exceptional service or ways of improving said services. When guests wants to make an on-site request, they can select what category their request falls under. If they have any requests, they can send their comment marked as such so that your hotel staff can address it in a speedy and efficient manner. This direct line of communication between the guests and the hotel not only offers your property a way of addressing any guest needs quickly, it also frees up resources that would have been allocated to surveying resort guests more constantly in order to verify their overall satisfaction.
  1. Upselling Offers – Now that you have a direct line to your guests, what else can you do with it? Well let’s pose another question: How many of your guests know of the promotions you currently have in your hotel? This information is crucial in order to get the most out of your hotel’s offerings and ensuring your guests take full advantage of any promotions you may have active at the time of their stay.The flexibility of the ICheck-In service is that it also allows guests to receive promotional offers while they are on-site. This service can provide your hotel with a significant boost in sales of services, beverages or even promotional items. Guests walking by the gift shop could get receive a special discount code for their purchase there, or reminders on new drinks or dishes currently available at the hotel restaurant or bar making the guest feel that they received great value for money at the resort.
  1. Post Stay Responses – A guest that has an enjoyable stay, where all their needs were met and they didn’t have to worry about any small details, will go back home and gladly talk highly of their overall experience to their friends and family. However, a positive stay doesn’t always lead to a positive review. Most guests who have good or pleasant stay will not leave a post stay review unless they are already members of a travel forum or site. INTUITION Brand Marketing’s services are designed to follow up with this majority of guests to ensure their voices are heard while providing you with the tools needed to better assess how your resort’s online reputation currently is and how to improve it. Every guest that checks out of your resort will receive a guest engagement email 24-hours after their departure from your property. This email will contain a survey regarding their overall experience that will post directly to your hotel’s TripAdvisor profile, without the need for the guest to sign up directly with the page. The information they already provided upon check-in will be used to create an account automatically for them and will allow your property to greatly increase the amount of reviews received from guests that would otherwise have not posted.
  1. Hotel Analytics and Marketing Optimization – This surge in guest outreach and engagement opens up new possibilities for your hotel. With the customizable analytics tools provided by the INTUITION platform, your hotel can keep track of every aspect of your property. Through the data provided by the guest surveys you can verify how well your staff is doing, the highest and lowest ranked seasons, the overall satisfaction your guests have with regards to their rooms, amenities, restaurant options and much more. Your marketing department can in turn use these statistics to better plan out their upcoming strategies or to market directly to those guests that were exceedingly happy with their stay and hold the potential of becoming ambassadors for your hotel’s excellent service.

If you’re ready to get better reviews or to get more information on how INTUITION can help your resort thrive in the digital market, click here.